February 11, 2010

It’s hard for a common person to stop smoking weed, when celebrities are constantly getting caught and arrested for the same thing. Actors, actresses, singers, athletes, politicians, and more seem to be getting caught more often with marijuana possession. The government’s argument looks dumb, due to the fact that the people in the public eye cant stop smoking the good stuff. Below I will list a bunch of “famous” people that have been caught trying to “enhance their appetite”.

Famous People on Cloud 9

1.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

2. Louis Armstrong

3. Chuck Berry


5. James Brown

6. Orlando Brown

7. Jennifer Capriati

8. Ray Charles

9. Macaulay Culkin

10. Mitch Daniels

11. Bob Denver-Gilligan

12. Faith Evans

13. Mark Foley

14. Al Gore the third

15. Allen Iverson

16. The Great John Lennon

17. Bob Marley

18.  Bill Murray

19. Tupac

20. Amy Winehouse

There is not enough ink in the world to list all the celebrities that have been busted for marijuana!  

-If smoking weed means I can be a scoring champion like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar than I’m buying Kush first thing in the morning.

-If smoking weed means I can be the greatest rapper ever like Biggie or Tupac than I’m buying Haze after I finish typing this.

-If smoking weed means I can be a governor or great politician than I’m buying Hash tonight.

-I can go on and on, etc!!!!!

So these are the most successful people in the present and past. One thing they have in common aside from success is their natural grass hobbies. Why is legalizing marijuana so difficult when the most famous men and women in the world do it? Some celebrities such as Woody Harrelson are drug activists. Harrelson was once arrested for planting four marijuana plants. The government’s defense on this matter would be better if the “people we look up to” didn’t smoke weed.

-Do you feel like celebrities getting caught matters or not?

-Always remember the only drug problem is getting good drugs!


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