We the Presidents of these United States Smoke Weed

May 9, 2010

During some of my thorough research I decided to find out which presidents have actually smoked weed or “probably” smoked weed.

I came up with 10 different presidents that have all allegedly smoked marijuana.

1. Barack Obama-admitted to inhaling as a kid.

2. Geoge Bush-admitted to marijuana use.

3. Bill Clinton-Admitted to marijuana use in England.

4. John F. Kennedy-might have used medical marijuna for back pain.

5. Abraham Lincoln-allegedly found time in between changing the world to sit on his porch and smoke “hemp in a pipe”.

6. Franklin Pierce- Allegedly smoked with his troops during war.

7. Andrew Jackson-also allegedly smoked with his troops.

8. James Monroe- Allegedly started smoking as an ambassador to france and contiued until he was 73.

9. Thomas Jefferson-grew hemp. Drafted the Declaration of Independance on hemp paper. He supposedly hated tobacco. He mite have indulged himself a few times in his hemp.

10. George Washington-Grew hemp on his farm. People believe he used it to help his tooth ache problems and that he also loved the smell of it.

I’m not trying to say since these presidents smoked weed than everyone should try it. This is just an informative blog!

What are your thoughts on these presidents and there alleged marijuana experiences?

Always remember the only drug problem is finding good ones.


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